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Unicore Iron core products

Brief product description we can provide UNICORE core products of various specifications. We can provide UNICORE core products of various specifications.

No special mold
High material utilization
High productivity
Flexible design
Compact structure
Cost savings
Low no-load loss
Reduce dependence on annealing

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Shanghai Zhongpu Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhongpu electromagnetic) is subordinate to China Pudong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongpu supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. and is its core company in the field of silicon steel. Completed and put into operation in September, 2013, it is a solution provider with magnetic materials and core technology. Online products and services mainly include: extremely thin silicon steel core, UNICORE core, unigore equipment of AEM company, silicon steel sheet slitting processing services and other products and services, involving smart grid, electric vehicles, new energy storage inverter, electrostatic precipitator environmental protection, national defense science and industry and many other fields.

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